Iain Glen stars as "JACK TAYLOR"

Jack Taylor is an Irish television drama based on the Ken Bruen novel series. Set in Galway, the program features Iain Glen in the eponymous role of Jack Taylor, a former officer with the Garda Síochána (national police) who becomes a "finder" (private investigator) after leaving the service. Taylor looks for clues others have overlooked. He also knows the streets of his hometown like the back of his hand. The series received mixed reviews from critics. Bernice Harrison of The Irish Times felt Glen's voice-overs spoiled the series, giving the character a film noir gumshoe feel. But David Stephenson of the Daily Express said he was hooked since the first episode's strong opening sequence. A real-life private investigator, interviewed by The Guardian‍ '​s Laura Barnett, said he found the series an entertaining but sometimes inaccurate portrayal of his occupation. WIKIPEDIA


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